Protoboards usage / import

After initial experimenting I have noticed one can use prototyping board. Very useful feature.

Is there a way to scan a proto board and then import it ?

Looks as importing protoboard is not feasible,
However - there are few choices of strip boards.
Rat Shack boards are still around - but the one I want is not an option.

What would it take to add more standard ( Radio Shack ?) boards ?
I would volunteer to do some if I get some instructions how to do it.

Also there are option of size .
How about taking parts of the board an "glue them together to crate custom board ? ( I have done that in EAGLE long time ago )

PS I started this edit before I read Peter’s response. Sorry.

Not that I am aware of. There is someone in another thread trying to import pcb files to make a schematic, but it is being hard going as I expect this would be. You can import an image (it may need to be an svg, I’m not sure a jpg or png will work) with the breadboard load image part in core parts. That would let you have the image of the perf board to position parts and wires in breadboard view to match the existing perfboard but I think that is close as it gets.

hitting the load image button will prompt for a file name to load the image from.

edit: In case you are not already aware of them, if you search for “top view” in the forums you will find parts (mostly LEDs and capacitors but some others too) that have been modified to be perf board friendly (i.e. exist within the bounds of the part rather than be larger like the standard LED.)