Project editing/deletion


I have a query about the Fritzing web site - I’ve done a few projects / components now that have been uploaded, but am unable to edit / delete them - any plans to fix this ?

Example here :
See the download section, you can’t delete or edit them either …

I’ve got more I want to add, but not being able to edit / fix errors is holding them up … :frowning:

Ciao, Bantum …

Add : I’d also note that the ‘comments’ section can’t be fixed / edited - needs a removal of quote button or notification to adim …

Note : Sorry I don’t have a suitable category to put this under - Admin might want to create one & move to there … :slight_smile:

Thanks, I just created a website category.

Your points are absolutely valid! Anyone here fancy some django work?

Thanks Andre,

I gather from your post that the site needs someone to look at it ?

Sorry I’m not a programmer, so not really sure how to fix it - so can’t help you there … :confused:

I’ll keep an eye out for any other issues / fixes that I might be able to help with.

Do let us know of any progress … :wink:

Cheers, Bantum …

I have a similar concern.

I have two files that I do not need on my contribution.
Ideally, I would like to keep, Poor Man’s Lidar Code.fzz

And delete the first two entries;
Poor Man’s Lidar.fzz
Poor Man’s Lidar_1.fzz

However, the “x” to delete on our edit portals do not accomplish delete on Safari, or Chrome.

As an aside, I hope to someday contribute a much better PCB version.
Thank you to all that make Fritzing possible. You all made my year!

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My thoughts for today :

  • Any way for ‘admins’ to correct errors / omissions / deletions if they are notified ? If so, who do we go to ? & where ? ( via email would be a possible solution )

  • Found another ‘thing’ that might be of use, that would be a ‘download’ counter, so with bit of analysis you can see how your project is going … :smile:

Note : It could be done similar to how ‘Thingiverse’ do theirs I guess … :smiley:

Enough for now, will report back when I have more … :wink:

Ciao, Bantum …