Program test of flipClock

Hi all hope you doing well today.
i have almost finished my flip clock project.

i cut my box today and fished my circut

flipclock-1.fzz (227.6 KB)
now all what i have to do is run program test to see if everything is working well.
i ask ChatGPT to write it but I’m not very sure if it is legit.
the program is on the file.

This isn’t likely to work. At present the stepper motors are being powered by the Arduino which (as I recall) can only source about 30MA from 5V. I would expect the stepper motors to require much more current than that and thus need a separate 5V power supply attached to the stepper power supply pins to provide adequate current to the stepper motors. Also as noted earlier I believe the hall effect sensors need a 10k pull up resistor to 5V to function correctly (they are presumably open collector output and won’t drive high.