Program - Esp12S

Has anyone programmed an esp 12S? Someone with the scheme or with the components to program. I can’t find the esp12S. someone help me? Thanks

What exactly are you looking for? A fritzing part for the esp-12S? or something else such as a programmer for the esp-12S? A google search of the form “fritzing part esp-12S” turns up several hits (including one for a programmer) but it is unclear what you want.


Good morning. I wanted the esp12S equipment but there are many others but not the 12S. And I asked if anyone has programmed one of these esp and made the programmer. Google has almost everything but it doesn’t have everything… but if I had a link I would appreciate it…

A web page for the exact part you want would help. There doesn’t appear to be a Fritzing part for the AIthinker esp-12S (although I remember doing something with this) if the chip alone is what you want (which looks like this)

or a breakout board like this (in which case we need the web site for the exact breakout board you want to use) like this


to figure out what the pin layout looks like. I would assume you want the breakout board as the module would require a pcb, but I’m not sure. As to programming, this post has programming instructions. As always google is your friend.


I have used the 12F programmer to program a 12S. The only difference is that the ‘bottom’ contacts are not broken out on the 12S so, obviously, those ‘pins’ are not available.