Profanities and sensless stuff in projects

I just checked out the fritzing projects area, and went under the “Fritzmeisters” category area, and there seem to be a items in there that arent even projects, just someone with a weird name cussing and typing random letters and numbers into the subject matter and body.

Is this normal?

also, theres a lot of things there that are just nonsense. Like empty posts with weird names, and one with a body that says “John Cena”. lol

Yes, that is true. I manually delete projects that are obvious fraud (and lock the users account) , but “unfinished” projects are not touched. There is no warning mechanism, and deleting someone project without warning is quite harsh. I really doubt John Cena is a Fritzmaster, so this ‘project’ will have to go.
This is not really a policy, it is just time constrains / priorities.

Hey thanks for replying! Glad to hear youre on it!