Productivity suggestions

Mainly to make things quicker and easier.

PCB view,

Bigger X Y dimension display - it’s hard reading those small numbers -.

Bigger zoom slider, or at least bigger knob - by the time you move to the bottom of the screen and find that small knob, you could have mouse wheeled it.

Lower profile buttons in the bright red section eg rotate, etc - gives back some screen real estate for small screens.
Make the. Rotate, etc, buttons rectangular like the top buttons, Welcome, etc,

Bigger option arrow button for the lower buttons, eg rotate 90º CW, etc - that arrow is tiny

The lower buttons could be 40mm x 10mm, 30 x 10 for the main button and 10 x 10 button on it’s end for the options.

I would really like a ruler/measuring stick to check how close parts are from each other.