Process very high


wanted to know if this fritzing process (400.000) in the task manager is normal
and it’s kind of slow

Processor - core 2 duo E8600
Memory - 3gb
Video card - GeForce 256mb - 7300 SE/7200 GS



In the view menu you can try setting your grid to a large number and even turn off align to grid to see if that helps.

Also that is the memory usage and it can get quite high since Fritzing has to keep a lot in memory. A blank sketch uses almost 200MiB on my system and one of my largest boards uses 750MiB.

The usual cause of this is having the grid scale set too fine (finer grid takes more compute power and slows the machine down). Try view->set grid size->restore default to restore the default .1 in spacing which usually works fine.


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