Problems submitting PCD design to Aisler [Solved]

Hi There,

I’m rather new to Fritzing. The last couple of days I tried to design a little and simple board to connect 12 DS18B20 temperature sensors in parallell using normal power mode to an Arduino Mega.

I started in schematic mode. But when I made changes in PCB view my schematic got messed up and vice versa. For example I get ratsnest lines in my schematic where in PCB view the connection is clearly made. Also wires are changed position in sematic view when I make changes in PCB view and vice versa.

By forum post I know that there are some bugs in the Fritzing app that causes this behaviour. So I started to make my schematic and PCB in two seprate files. After that I managed to create a schematic and and a PCB design.

When I try to upload the PCD design to Aisler the parts are missing. I search the part database on Aisler but the parts (see links below) are nowhere to be found.

Temperatuursensors-bread_ok-pcb_ok.fzz (28.0 KB)
Temperatuursensors-schema_ok.fzz (17.5 KB)

How can I get my board fabricated at Aisler using the parts above?

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Hi @ehoitinga

I’m Felix, one of the co-founders of AISLER.
Can you send me your username to and I can help you.

In general if you want to order the circuit boards you do not need to document the parts in the Bill of Materials. We are planning to soon make parts available for purchase but at this moment you would only need to have a working circuit board.


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