Problems setting up build environment :-(

Hi, I have tried setting up a build environment following the instructions herehere. Unfortunately, having started up the Qt Creator IDE and loaded the phoenix project, I cannot find any way of " Then go to the Projects tab, and under Run Settings , add this in the field Arguments".

Here is a screenshot of the IDE in question:

Where are the Run Settings?

Welcome to developer hell :slight_smile: . Qt may be more complex than Fritzing. To find the build and run settings you need to select the tool chain you are using (one of the two in the Build & Run selection above.) In my case I have a number of versions of Qt around (from 5.6 for 0.9.3 up) so I have more choice :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

so first click on which ever of the tool chains you are going to use and then it will open the build/run dialog:

normally what you want it to change the command line options circled in red above.


Unfortunately, all of the Build & Run options in the LH panel are greyed out, so I don’t have the option of choosing any of them - see below:

The error message in the main panel says “No Suitable Kits Found, Add a kit in the options or via the maintenance tool of the SDK”.

Unfortunately, the options don’t seem to lead me anywhere and I have no idea what is meant by he maintenance tool of the SDK :frowning:

With apologies for being such a nuisance.

Cracked it! :slight_smile:

I found the Qt Maintenance Tool app and used it to install the latest SDK! It looks as if I installed the Qt Creator application, without installing any SDK. A stupid mistake admittedly, but in my defence I got confused by the Qt install process, with all of registration and licensing hoops that I had to jump through :crazy_face:

Hopefully (tomorrow) I should be able to get a build working!!!

Don’t feel bad, I had to reinstall Qt many times (at 8 hours of download a time) to get it right. When I started there was no one left that knew (or at least admit knowing) anything about development. I never did figure out how to reconfigure an install after installation if it didn’t recognize the Visual Studio compiler (probably because I had misconfigured that install as well :slight_smile: .) I still don’t know how to run the debugger on Windows, luckily Linux uses gdb so I use that. Good luck with the build, we can certainly use more Mac folks developing!