Problems joing wires or even attaching components to wires in breadboard design

I am relatively new to Fritzing, so please excuse me if this is a daft question,but I have read all the tutorials etc.

If I add a component. and then double click an existing wire to make a connection point, it is quite often impossible to make the 2 join as an electrical joint. I have tried every combination of Ctrl/Alt etc keys without success. It only seems to work if you work your way along somehow, adding new lengths of wire after connecting a new component

I am sure there must be an easy way to achieve this - anybody ???

Try holding down the Alt key only and drag form the bend point, or drag from the connector to the bend point.

Edit: Sorry, that only works on the pcb and schematic view… on the breadboard view they need to connect to a breadboard socket or a connector.

If it’s BB view, you right-click in the middle of the wire and Add bendpoint, then right-click one side of the wire and Delete wire to bendpoint, then add a wire starting from a component or drag a remaining wire to the bendpoint. Alt Doesn’t work in BB.

I tried that, it didn’t work… It only seams to work with bendable legs…

Opps. You can physically put the wire on the bendpoint, but it doesn’t connect.

I just realised you can’t do it in real life, so why would you be able to do it in FZ BB view.

I keep my breadboard view checked for curvy wires… just like real life…

Sooner or later you will come over to the Dark OCD Straight Line Side.:relaxed:

Hi Old_Grey

Thanks to all of you for your feedback, between all the comments I think I have worked out the issue.

My design had a bunch of relays “floating”, in other words, not on a breadboard at all. That is where the problem comes in, for some strange reason, Fritzing only likes to allow connections to components that are on a breadboard. Once they are "floating in the BB space then you get these problems.

I suspect it is a shortcoming of the software that perhaps other ore experienced users would not even try to do ??

Maybe the Authors will take note and fix that issue ?

Cheers guys - it is a great utility nevertheless…!!

I want to help you with better user experience.