Problems exporting gerber files for manufacturing

I know, I know, fritzing has its own way of manufacturing, and doing it would be the right thing to do, however 100 Euros for me is very over price. So I tried cheaper ways to make my PCBs, maybe in Chinese factories, which I can get 10 for $15, the problem is that I can not export in a way that works in any company, they do not accept the fritzing RS-274X formats, any idea how I can solve this? I like fritzing, and if possible, i dont want to use other program to remake the PCB design.

While I don’t usually make boards, I understand most of the cheap sources can take Fritzing gerber files. Certainly these folks can:

most recently recommended here:


I just put some FZ gerbers in JLCPCB online quote, and they seam to work.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll save the link for later but I think my problem is more with the files themselves than the company.

I’m trying this now, hope it works, it seems like a good company to buy.

I’m not clear what this means. Do you think the files Fritzing created are corrupt? If so, if you upload the sketch here (7th icon from the left in the tool bar) one of us will have a look and see if we can correct the problem. Do the gerber files display as you expect in a gerber viewer such as gerbv?

Edit: Another thought, have you run DRC (pcb view->routing->Design Rules Check) in Fritzing? It is possible you have traces too close together and that is what the board house is complaining about (although I think many of the cheap ones just cut a board from the gerber without any checks).


If you have created a custom PCB shape it is really easy to make a mistake that results in no PCB outline being generated at which point you can not make a PCB.

I use Elecrow for my PCBS and I am fairly sure Seeedstudio will also make them from Fritzing Gerbers as well as Dirty PCBs.

I can confirm. I let Seeedstudio produce a pcb with lot of custom parts some weeks ago, all worked very well.

Actually the files are not corrupted, I downloaded GerbV from gEDA’s and when I manually add the files in the program it reads and correctly shows the design, the problem is that when I generate a .zip or .rar file and upload it to some gerber view site or even the manufacturer’s website simply does not load, like something is missing.Gerber Files HERE (I do not have the PNP file because I dont need)

And people, thanks for the replies, first time using the forum, you guys are awesome.

I tried to buy it by Seeed, the problem for me is the shipping price, here for Brazil it’s very expensive. And i also have the problem with the files.:sweat_smile:

Ordered many times at seeed, never a problem (except on time 3 holes in a row which was not allowed).

You have to laak at the extensions and file names, you probably need to rename them … especially one extension …

I’ll take a look at the names, maybe that’s the problem… thanks,

OOOOOOOMYYYYYYYGOOOOOOOOD, I just can’t believe in my eyes, IT WORKED! The problem was just the name, maybe the special characters i used in “Versão” (Version in english). Thank you man, two days spend just trying to fix it and finally works. Thanks Everyone:joy::laughing:

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glad that it works.

i know that on txt file is not necessary and that one extension had to be renamed …