Problem with schematic

Hello guys! Ive got a small problem here, I have this part downloaded from the internet and in the schematic it seemed really big. So I pressed the option “convert schematic to 0.1 inch standard”. But now, all the connectors are sticked together. How can I change the place of them so they can be next to each other? Thank you for your time, Jordan

Where is this option “convert schematic to 0.1 inch standard”. I didn’t know it existed.

I’d like to know the location of this conversion command too, but to address your problem if you upload (7th icon from the left in the reply menu) the fzpz file of the part I’ll have a look at fixing it up for you.

Edit: Or I could be uncharacteristically unlazy and download the part from the Sparkfun repo (which while ugly, probably isn’t the one you have) and fix it up for you. I’ll post it in a bit.


OK, it is even more screwed up than I thought. Here is a new part (which will load beside your original) with the flaws corrected. As well as schematic being ugly, pcb is SMD in the original and would only connect on one side.

SFE SEN-12705 ML8511 UV Sensor Breakout.fzpz (12.1 KB)

As well as a test sketch of schematic mine beside the original:

If you like you can make a pull request against the Sparkfun repo or I may do so at some point (if I figure github out :slight_smile: ).


Damn, I never noticed what was in the menus when in Part Edit because I don’t use them.

It’s in the Edit menu.

Damn, now I have to make more part making tutorials.

While you are correct, it is there it appears to be of dubious value. He does appear to have started from the same part I did because when when I run that command against the original part the output is the same as what he showed all 4 pins in one place. At least it looks to have updated the line colors and possibly the Font sizes if not the stoke widths. I think I’d try it on other parts to see if it does something reasonable in less extreme cases before doing a tutorial on it though. I also suspect (from having done a fix in this code for a similar issue) that recovery will be difficult because the files are present, but the file delete code doesn’t know they are there because of no intertask communication, and if you save the part in parts editor I doubt you will be able to delete it without editing the user directories.


I have a MPX4250 part that I downloaded from somewhere - the page is gone now -, that has an oversized SCH and is off grid. But when I run it it kind-of butchers it. All it seams to do is snap the lines to the 0.100" grid and stretch out the part rectangle to a long thin IC looking part. I think it was better before.

I suspect it is probably a work in progress like much of the rest of parts editor. It certainly didn’t react well to the first footprint (all squashed to a single pin).


Yeah, probably.

There are some things in View for the different views. Like you can turn off the top copper in a part to see if it has bottom copper, make only 1 view visible, etc.

Guys thank you for your answers! Also Peter thank you so much for the part, you really helped me out!!

Not a problem, when you are familiar with making parts it isn’t a big deal, but becoming familiar took me more than a year and lots of questions :-). The other flaws in this part would have bit you later if parts editor hadn’t gotten you first, plus both Old_Grey and I found yet another thing in Fritzing we didn’t know about (even if it seems to be broken / not completed yet.)