Problem with rain sensor

Hi everyone.

I am trying to create an Arduino to measure rain water, using this rain sensor: rainSensor.fzz (54.0 KB) .

I want the sensor to be inside my project, but when I try to import the file (converted into .fzpz extention) I get the message error: “Unable to to load the file from …”

What I have to do?


An fzz file is a sketch, not a part file. Open the fzz file, and go to the “TEMP” bin (which is the default when opening the sketch). The part is in the bin. Right click the sensor part, Export Part, and save it as something like “YL-83 Rain Sensor.fzpz”. Close Fritzing (all windows). Start Fritzing again. Open the exported fzpz file. That puts it in the “MINE” bin, where it is ready to use. To keep it in the bin, be sure to “keep the imported parts” and "save changes you made in the bin “My Parts” when you next exit Fritzing.

There SHOULD be simpler ways, but this procedure works.

Thank you! This has really helped me!