Problem with Fritzing Part Arduino BLE Sense

I recently downloaded a fritzing part from Arduino’s website, the Arduino BLE Sense , However, i’m not sure if this is from my end or this is an issue for anyone using this part but I noticed a few issues.

*The gnd and A7 pin are connected together,

  • 5V pin and D11/MOSI are connected
  • Unable to place anything in the D13 pin
  • RX pin doesn’t line up on breadboard view.

I know these issues aren’t severe enough to cause any actual problems especially if you’re careful enough, they are bothersome and was just curious if anyone else is experiencing the same problems. I tried editing them via the parts editor, but I was unable to do so.

The part has a number of problems. Here is a corrected part

Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense-fixed.fzpz (31.2 KB)

the arduino folks are welcome to use it if they choose.