Problem with DFPlayer Mini Part


I created 10 PCBs with a Sound Module FN-M16P and used this Libary for the sound Module:

I think this is the same part but only the name is not correct.

Now i got the PCBs and the drills of that part are to big and there is no copper around them. I rechecked with flatcam the generated drills file and the drills are 1,44mm instead of 0,8. So there is no copper around them.

Has anybody an idea why i got this error? Also opened the SVG files and checked, that copper has correct color.

Anyone know how to fix that issue?

Thanks a lot.

While the referenced part is broken, it appears to generate correct holes and pads (0.035in holes) and pads in a geber output:

The top one is the referenced part, the one under it is the dfrobot version (which is more correct) from core parts. Either of these should create boards with pads. If you upload the .fzpz file of the part you used I’ll have a look at it. You should always check the gerber output with a gerber viewer (paying particular attention to the hole sizes in the drill.txt file) before ordering boards.


Hello Peter,

thanks for that fast response. Here is the file i used.

Everything seems correct in fritzing but in gerber not.

Thanks HeikoDFRobot-DFPlayer-Mini(1).fzpz (12.9 KB)

Your part is incorrect. The pcb svg has no stroke width defined, and thus the hole size is the same as the pad size. It shows correct in Fritzing but the gerber output is wrong. The solution is to use the version of the part in core parts (I had to modify yours to be able to load it, as it conflicts with the one in core parts.) If you type df player in to the search bar in the parts bin the one i core should come up. If it does not, you likely need to update your parts. There appears to be a bug in Fritzing that will load conflicting parts, so you may need to do a delete minus of the current part in your sketch (which will delete the part, but leave the traces present), save the sketch, then reload it (to remove the part from the temp parts bin) then use the one in core parts.


Okay now I updated my libary and used the correct one. The other file I downloaded at fritzing parts page. With the core file it works fine. Thanks for your help :blush: