Problem with building Release/Debug exe in QT creator


I have problem after building phoenix project i QT creator. I installed everything by the book and when i press run debug or release fritzing program is working but if i want to run program (fritzing.exe) directly from build folder i get error message where program is not able to locate QT5Cored.dll (or in release version QT5Core.dll) i tried manually copy paste these dlls but without success. In general i tried everything but without success. I read everything about build environment and everything is by the book but my program is not working.

Please help me with this problem and why it is not possible to run builded fritzing.exe outside qt creator.

I’m new in this so please sorry for noobidity :smile:

Thanks for the help in advance,

Best regards to all,


Hi Mark,

by “the book” do you mean the wiki instructions at ?
A couple of things have changed in the last few weeks, due to the introduction of libgit2.
But if you can run it properly under Qt Creator, it seems you’re good with that.

Qt Creator is configuring the run environment in the background, so if you just click Fritzing.exe, you are missing that. You could try to recreate the same situation manually. The first step would be to put the path to the Qt libraries into your system PATH variable. Then you need to put any other libraries into that folder, and you also need to provide the -f and -p arguments that point to the fritzing-parts.

But that’s not the recommended way. :wink: What you’re trying to to do is actually the same as what we do when we publish a new Fritzing release. There is a full instruction on that, including a release script that takes care of all the above mentioned steps: