Problem w projects/parts

I’m a new user. To start I try to look at some projects. I have not been able
to see one “working” project. Always missing parts.
Like the project… ‘Arduino : Control lights with Rc tx/rx’

I’ve grab some files from Github from adafruit, sprakfun

Is there a way to add all parts without having to import each and every part ?

When there’s missing part can I add the part if the project is already loaded ?

I’m confused with the process please help.


I am having the same kind of difficulties.
As I downloaded Fritzing I could not find a Solar Panel for instance.
After really loooong searching, i just could find one.

I could find NO tutorials, showing how to get part from another user etc.
Just videos showing how to creat them myself. Befora a create something, I want to check if it already done by someone else. Pretty logical.

I mean, this Part Sharing System from the Website ist not really user friendly. Is it?
Or am I just d*+ and don´t get how it works?

I would appreciate some help.

Thanks a lot.

I’m seeing the problem of the projects not working, but I’ve noticed that if I look at the diagram then the schematic they DON"T match. Working through the schematic’s I’ve been able to get most projects to work. The biggest problem I’ve seen is the L2C 1602 LCD. None of the projects I’ve tried with this item work. I’ve soldered pins on the LCD and got the LCD to work (only by using the schematic not the diagram). I’ve tried the fixes on the internet and none work. It would be nice if the project designers ensured the diagram and schematic are the same. I’ve worked in electronics/computers for over 40 years and it is still very hard to get a project to work.