Problem uploading board for fabrication

I am having problems getting this board to work. 3494 LED Final Receiver.fzz (48.3 KB)
I am unable to upload my board to fabricate. The older version of it worked but I don’t have that version of the file and I don’t know what all has changed since. When I try to upload my board it simply doesn’t upload and gives me this error:

The board does not contain outer bounds. It can’t be manufactured like this. The outer bounds should be on the dimensions (EAGLE) or Edge.Cuts (KiCad) layer.

It looks to be an issue with Aisler converting the Sketch to Gerbers. If you export for PCB fabrication as Gerber and then zip the results and upload them it works as expected. This has happened to me before when my sketch got too big (hundreds of times more traces than yours) so I have since always used the export to gerber feature.

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That worked! Thank you for the help, I’m new to the software and its issues.