Printing a List of Parts within a Parts bib

How can I print a list of the parts within a specified Fritzing parts bin, such as Adafruit Feather?

I don’t know of a way inside Fritzing, but printing the file listing from the parts subdirectory will do the job (perhaps only in this specific case though):

You would need to cut and past the result. That also only works here because they labeled the parts that belong to feather. Otherwise you would need to unzip the .fzbz file and read the .fzp files which have fairly ugly names like this:

each .fzp file is one part, but as you see the names are not exactly clear. It should be possible to write a python script using lxml that would parse the .fzb file, then access the .fzp files and extract and print the label of the part, but I am not aware of anyone having done so yet… Hopefully someone knows a better way in Fritzing that I am not aware of …