Print part on pcb

Hello everyone,

i like Fritzing …

For me as a relatively newbie it wasn’t that difficult to produce layouts for a fairly good pcbs.

I only create simple onesided pcbs …
So there’s the non coppered top of the pcb
where i’d like to print the position of the parts i use …

Can some experienced person give me a hint ?

I export to pdf and get all layers of the pcb as pdf.

But what i would need is a bright colored pdf so i can see the parts on the dark
brown pcbs i use.

By the way i transfer the layout of a laserprint via an iron to the pcb …
tricky, but after some tests it’s a good and reliable method for me.

best regards and stay (or become) healthy

I think (but haven’t tried it!) if you set Fritzing to be a two sided board, and then in pcb change Both layers to Bottom layer (as in this image)

All the traces will be on the bottom layer as they are on a single sided board, but you will also get a top silkscreen layer with the outline of the parts. If you print the top silkscreen layer, you should be able to print it on something (I admit I don’t know what, but I suspect there is something :slight_smile: ) that would let you apply it to the top of the board to simulate silkscreen. I rarely make boards (and use a board house the few times that I do) so I’m likely not much help here. Hopefully someone else will have a solution for printing a silkscreen on a home etched board.


I posted this awhile back - it may help you to change the Colors (it’s a video gif). Here’s the Link.

Then, though I cnc mill my pcb’s and seldom use a Silkscreens, on the occasions when I do, I use the Iron-On approach from Photographic paper. Never did color as my printer is black&white. But, color should also work.

[EDIT] I forgot to look at the vid until after posting here - I forgot to mention I demo’d another useful vid on this but, it’s quicker for me to just red0 one, below.
There are a couple of pauses while I select colors off screen but, keep watching…

Export an Image from the Export option then, you can color what/how you like in most any graphic program…