Presentation and question about ATTINY2313

Hello, newbie in electronic, i’m starting in the world of Arduino and Fritzing.
I have a lot of questions to ask and hope to read you soon.

The first one could be “where I can find the ATTINY2313 part for Fritzing?”


I am not familiar with an ATTINY2313. There is an ATTINY13 in the core Fritzing part library.

There are also several Arduino board in the library, and more available for download from various places.

Thanks for your reply :wink:
ATTINY13 has only 8 pins, the Attiny2313 20 pins.

There’s a stock part called “IC” that has selectable Pin counts and Form Factor(Package). Quite a few look-alike parts so, grab the correct one (it’s a general part, not specific to tiny2313 but, it’s what you want.

Many thanks for that precious information…
It’s help me a lot!

Best Regards :wink: