Power supply (240V - 12V)

Can you help me for the power supply (240V - 12V)?

Try the one referred to in this post. It is likely as close as there is.


hello can u make it smaller and like mesh like power supply switching? in that file is too big for my schematic. thx

Try the generic power supply in this post

If that doesn’t do you then you need to provide a web site describing the exact power supply you want. .


i need power supply fritzing part that exacly like this (Help power supply 12V-5A )or smaller picture than 350-60 power supply fzpz. bcs 350-60 to big to my schematic

The breadboard image of the referenced power supply is the exact size of the real power supply (as is standard for breadboard images). If you want something smaller you need to supply a web page of the exact part you want or use one of the generic type parts.