Power Rails in PCB Design

I’m attempting to add power rails to my PCB design, however, I’m stuck with how I would approach this or if there’s a tool built in that would allow me to do this. Thank you.

What do you mean by power rail? I’d expect that to be an extra wide trace (which you can make by selecting the trace width in Inspector


or you can type in a size up to 255mil (although you need to check the generated gerbers because there used to be a bug which didn’t center the pad correctly …)

beyond that you can do copper fill to use all the available copper in a given area.


Sorry let me clarify, by the power rail I meant a design similar to these types of PCB prototype boards.

Ah! This (if you only want pcb view)

is as close as you will come due to Fritzing limitations. You can also use the stripboard settings in Inspector:

If you click with the mouse on the trace between pads it will break the connection as shown.