Power Distribution Board

Hello I need a power distribution board that does the following :slight_smile:

  • take 24 V from battery
  • distributes 24 V to two motors ( parallel)
  • powers a microcontroller with 5 V

Ideally I would need the one from the constructor I am using in practice but as asked in a previous post there are not enough info provided ( no CAD). I attach it here: or APD : PDB — Advanced Power Drives

I was thinking then to readapt the following already available on fritzing :

Can anyone help to understand how to change connectors labels on the borard or provide a more correct one?



It would be preferable to keep this in your original thread so all the replies are in one place, but we will proceed here. You likely can’t adapt that part to the one you want because you haven’t indicated that you have a wiring diagram for the actual part you want (and there doesn’t seem to be one on their poor web pages.) Assuming the PD360V is the part you want, a part could be made from this page (which I found by looking in their complete catalog as it isn’t referenced from the PD360V page, poor web design!)

there is also a mechanical drawing as a pdf file in the same place. I have no idea what the pins do, but they appear to be all labeled.


Apologize for the redundant topic. I will eliminate the previous, not to make confusion.

I know the page is poor in terms of web design :sweat_smile: . I do thank you for having checked the page for me. The part is the PDB500 (X) here : PDB500[X] — Advanced Power Drives. Not the 360.

I would appreciate it if you can do it in the next days.

This part should do what you want.

PDB500.fzpz (24.5 KB)


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