Power Bank Module T6845-C

I am looking about the Power Bank Module T6845-C, Can everyone has this module please ?
Power Bank Module T6845-C (5V Step-Up Power Module Lithium Battery Charging Protection Board USB) (components101.com)

A search in the forums for “power bank module” turns up this earlier post which should do what you want:


Thank you for your reply, But I want this part ( [Power Bank Module T6845-C] in Fritzing, can you help me if you have this element please

The fritzing part referenced is (from a Fritzing point of view) identical to the part you are requesting. It has two connections for the battery which are identical to the two battery connections on the requested board. Breadboard may not look entirely identical but from a Fritzing perspective the connections are the same. It isn’t worth making a new part when there is one that will do. Your alternative would be to modify the referenced part to make a new part that suits you.