Potential for a generic part

I am wondering if it is possible (worth the effort) to have a “generic” part in the core parts bin.
To date, whenever I need a through hole footprint that I cant find in the parts bin I have successfully sought another type of part that gives me the offset I need. However, I now want to include a 30-35mm 3W resistor and a 22mm dia 30mm long air inductor and I have run into a small problem.

While I am able to make it work (with a film capacitor) I am wonder what people think about having a generic through hole part which has a drop down for offset (like the resistors have, but with more options) and another dropdown for hole/pad size, like vias, screw terminals etc have? The generic part really only needs an accurate pcb view and possibly some simple breadboard shape and the schematic can be taken care of by labelling it. I think this would save the need to try and make some obscure - one off parts.


I suppose it’s possible, but you would need entries for body size and position.

I currently get a resistor and edit the PCB .svg to what I want, and import that drawing into a new custom resistor.

I’ve got resistors with odd lengths down to 25mil steps, and even offset bodies with a long leg on one side.

If you look at R41 and C25.

The “mystery part” generic part doesn’t work for you?