Possible to get white silkscreen text?

Hi guys

Is it possible to use a white text instead of the usual black, which seems to be
the only one I can choose - with only one font.


The silkscreen color you get is dependent on the board manufacturer and what options are available when you order your boards. I use Elecrow for my boards and silkscreen color is either black or white depending on the solder resist color you choose.

If it is the part silkscreen you are talking about then you need to learn part creation and you can set the color in the svg file. For other texts you need to convert the text to a path in Inkscape before saving the SVG.

Why? I usually find this annoying because I have to convert it back to text to change it. Is there a reason (other than using non standard fonts) to do this that I don’t know?


Because as soon as you import the svg into the parts editor it replaces the text with OCRA or whatever it uses. So the only way to avoid it changing the font on you is to make it a graphic.

I use Elecrow as well, thanks! I am happy to hear that I can choose white upon ordering!