Possible "add to bin" bug (or operator error)

From http://fritzing.org/projects/connect-nokia-5110-lcd-module-to-arduino

I downloaded ‘nokia 5110.fzz’ mostly because I have a Nokia 5110 and wanted the fritzing
part. So I started friting and opened sketch nokia 5110.fzz and it tells me there are 5
outdated parts in this so, “yes” to update then ok and I get a breadboard view with an arduino
and a Nokia 5110 (and some other stuff and suspicous connections). I select the Nokia and
right click and click on add to bin ->my parts and the nokia shows up in my parts. Then click
file->save and file->quit at which point it asks if I want to save the changes made to my
parts. Click save and fritzing closes. So far so good. Start fritzing again (without loading
the sketch) and in parts scroll down to mine and click on it. Instead of opening, I get the
following error message:

Unable to find the following part:

'4227a920310514b7a67df12db5dc6f2d' at C:/users/Owner/AppData/Roaming/Fritzing/partfactory/

clicking ok on that opens my parts but it is empty (no Nokia). I think this is probably a bug
and should be reported as such, but I’m not sure it isn’t just operator error somehow, so I
figured I’d ask here first.
As well there is a successful workaround. If with the original sketch loaded in either
temp (where the sketch puts it) or in my parts after you move it, you right click the Nokia
and export part, the part exports and then (apparently anyway) successfully imports to my parts.
As well is it a correct assumption that this isn’t in the parts distribution because
the author (aafent, who doesn’t appear as a forum user at this time) didn’t submit it? Is there
an acceptable way to get it added to the parts distribution or would we have to find the author and get
him or her to submit it?

Peter Van Epp