Possibility to export Eagle sch/brd to Fritzing?

Hi everyone,
I am interested to have my PCB delivered asap and Fritzing looks like a nice platform for the same. Could someone please tell me if I can export my existing Eagle design to Fritzing. If not, then how to import the Eagle library to fritzing.

you might want to try this :slight_smile:

Might help get you rolling in Fritzing. Good luck to you!!

Thanks @landracer. I could successfully export my eagle files to Fritzing, thankyou so much. Now, the schematic does not show any connections, also how can can route manually/with autorouter ?


Can I get a picture of what the board is suppose to look like? Looks like you’ll have to manually advance your project from this point. I’ll help you what I can.

Hi @landracer please see how the circuit is expected to look like.
It is a USB power supply board with three LM2596 Ic’s to step down to 12 and 5 V output. Arduino uC provides basic control and monitoring.
Please have a look :slight_smile: thankyou in advance.

What do the other view(s) of your board look like in fritzing, ie PCB/schematic view? Did it bring over any components?