Pollin DCF 1 Rdio Controlled Clock

I have made the Fritzing Part for the Pollin DCF1 Radio Controlled Clock.DCF1 Pollin.fzpz (15.3 KB)

Your part has a number of problems which I have mostly fixed, however the breadboard view doesn’t match the picture of the Pollin dcf 1 on their web site. That one has .1 header pins rather than the surface mount pads shown on your part’s breadboard and pcb views. Is there a different board that is surface mount or does your module in fact have square pins like the picture on this site:

If this is the unit you have I will fix up breadboard to match and post a corrected part.


I would say it matches it just isn’t to scale. It has a board with four pins and the antenna.

The ones in the breadboard view are called castellated holes or plated half-holes and the module may come that way or the OP has cut off the edge of their PCB to make the holes castellated like that. That would explain why the PCB is an SMD part. It is a great way to use those cheap modules on a pcb without having the pcb becoming a couple of CM thick with headers.