Point de Reference dimensionnelle dans Fritzing

Je voudrais positionner des trous dans mon PCB, peut-on fixer une reference (0,0) et et à partir de celle-ci pouvoir pour positionner avec precision ces trous.
Merci de votre aide.

I would like to position holes in my PCB, can we fix a reference (0.0) and from it can position precisely these holes.
Thank you for your help.

You can set the position of a part in Inspector like this

here I dragged in a via from core parts. I can then change its position via inspector to what ever I want or need. That should allow you to do what you are asking, if not explain (preferably with a sketch so we can see what you are trying to do) what you need.


via google tanslate:

Vous pouvez définir la position d’une pièce dans l’Inspecteur comme ceci capture ici, j’ai glissé un via à partir des parties principales. Je peux ensuite changer sa position via l’inspecteur selon ce que je veux ou ce dont j’ai besoin. Cela devrait vous permettre de faire ce que vous demandez, sinon d’expliquer (de préférence avec un croquis pour que nous puissions voir ce que vous essayez de faire) ce dont vous avez besoin.

Je voudrais fixer un point de reference à partir duquel je positionne mes trous à une distance relative à ce point. A moins qu’il existe un outil de mesure dans Fritzing?
I would like to set a reference point from which I position my holes at a relative distance to that point. Unless there is a measurement tool in Fritzing?

The ruler may do what you want.

Otherwise you would need to use the positioning tool in inspector.


via google translate

Le dirigeant peut faire ce que vous voulez.


Sinon, vous devrez utiliser l’outil de positionnement dans l’inspecteur.

Je n’avais pas remarqué cette règle.
Il se trouve où l’outil de positionnement, c’est le positionnement xy en bas de l’écran?

I hadn’t noticed this rule.
Where is the positioning tool, is it the xy positioning at the bottom of the screen?

In the inspector window on the lower right. If you click on a part (as I did on the via in the first image in my post) you can then change its x and y coordinates using the location field in inspector. That will move the component to those coordinates. Note on Fritzing versions below 1.0 there is a bug where the location gets badly scaled and the coordinates get rounded (and are thus inaccurate.) Zooming in increases the accuracy but using a Fritzing version (1.0 and now 1.0.1) where the bug is fixed is better.

here hole is at x 2.534in by y 0.434in If I wanted IC1 to be exactly 1in from the hole I could change its coords like this:

IC1 is currently x 3.140in by y 1.040. If I change that to x 3.534in y 1.434in it should move to exactly 1 inch from the hole like this:

I think the location is probably top left of the part, but it may be center of the part, so you may need to experiment to get the results you need.


Merci pour toutes ces précisions. Effectivement j’ai la version logiciel 0.9.x et les valeurs x,y manquent de précision.

Thanks for all the details. Indeed I have software version 0.9.x and the x,y values ​​lack precision.

As noted if you zoom out to maximum the coords get more accurate. Donating 10 euros and upgrading to 1.0.1 would be a better bet though, there are significant bug fixes to some serious problems in 1.0.1.


If you donated to upgrade to 0.9.x try the link that came with the donation receipt. For some time (I don’t know how long) the link will allow you to get updates.


I made a free download of version 0.9.x, but I feel like to try EasyEDA, do you know it and if so do you have an experience with it

No experience with EasyEDA, Kicad is another common one though.