Please Review My First PCB! (RCA Module)

This is my first time using a PCB Design tool. I created a PCB design for a super simple RCA connector module. My intention is to create something similar to the attached image. I have attached my .fzz file and would appreciate any suggestion or correction.

Thanks in advance!

RCA.fzz (3.2 KB)

You have through hole components, but your traces are on the top.

Your SCH needs some work, i.e. too many bendpoints and a trace is missing.

After you make a circuit you export for production/Gerber, and check it with a program - I use free Grebv - to make sure every layer and the holes are correct.

Explore the red bar at the bottom, and the Inspector when things are selected.

@Old_Grey Thanks a lot for your reply. I just updated with cables on the bottom and also made it one sided. According to Fritzing the it did pass the “Design Rules Check”. Anything else?

RCA v0.2.fzz (3.2 KB)

Edit: I also corrected the missing SCH trace.