Please Help me to convert RKJXT1F42001


I need to use ALPS RKJXT1F42001 and I have EAGLE’s lbr.
I try to use “eagletofritzing” but I don’t success.
Have someone can help me.

Did the eagle converter give you any output? If so please post the fzpz file. That said this is a fairly simple part to make as there is a proper mechanical drawing in the data sheet.


Thanks for reply.
I don’t have any output because I don’t know how to use “eagletofritzing”.

OK, I’ll make a part in a bit (I have a few other things in queue before it).


Thank you sir.You are so kind to me.Thanks a lot.

OK here is a part. Even more than usual, please check the footprint against a real part before committing to making a board. I think the footprint is correct but the data sheet is a little unclear. It also isn’t clear what ground does, but it is there, so I included it (I assume it grounds the metal case perhaps). Breadboard shows the part on a breakout board because the pin layout doesn’t suit standard breadboard practices.

AlpsJoystick.fzpz (10.0 KB)


Thank you Sir.
I have download and try it.
Thank you.

Dear Sir

I add new part to my file,save it and reopen it.
But it has err message and I can’t open it.
How can I fix it?


There appears to be file corruption in the fzz file somewhere. Hopefully you kept a backup copy? If not you may have to recreate the sketch. Are you running on Linux? In the past there have been problems with Linux truncating files to 0 length which would probably cause this error. We were never able to reproduce it to try and fix it. You may want to try unzipping leftz.fzz and look at the files it unzips (looking for ones with 0 length).


I am run Fritzing on Mac.

Hmm, both are unix based so it is possible it is the same bug although I’ve not heard of it on a Mac before. The only known solution for now is to keep regular backup copies of your sketches so you don’t lose too much if it happens (it is fairly infrequent I think). I’ve never run in to the problem on Windows and mostly do development on the Linux box so I haven’t hit it there yet either.


I have download old version from Google drive.
Problem is solved.
Thank you very much.