Please help! KS5016 Keyestudio ESP32 Dev Board


I am using a KS5016 Keyestudio ESP32 Dev Board in my project but I could not find any fritzing files online or in any libraries. Please could someone create this part for me? I would be very grateful.


Thank you,

This part should do what you want.


Fix two typos in the pin labels and replace the part.

keystudio-KS5016.fzpz (48.4 KB)


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Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for creating this.

I just wanted to highlight, however; you labelled some pins incorrectly. Namely the io pins 6 and 22 which should be 5 and 23 respectivley.

Again I greatly appreciate you for creating this part.


I should have mentioned that some of the pins may be wrong. The jpg isnโ€™t that clear

it appears to be a 6 in the image, the 22 is indeed 23 in the image so a typo. Iโ€™ll correct both and replace the part.