Please, can you please create this part. I just need for project. It is a 12V 10W Water Micro-Generator

A google search for “fritzing part water flow sensor” indicates there is a part here:

as I recall there are a few more as well.


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Hello, I think its different from what I am looking. The link you sent contains water flow sensor. But I am looking for micro-generator. Click the link
Buy Micro Water Turbine - Hydroelectric Generator with G1/2 inch Thread in India | (

Since it is easy enough to modify the existing part here is a part which should do what you want.

seeed-Micro-Water-Tubine-Generator.fzpz (10.5 KB)


In case you haven’t noticed, you won’t get 10 Watts out of this. The max current is 150ma and thus at 12V the max power is 1.8watts, so if you need 10 watts this won’t do it!


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Thank You Peter

You’re such a great help to the frtizinv community.