Placing an SVG file into Parts Bin as a PCB drawing part

I created the hole pattern below in Visio and the saved it as an SVG file.


I would like to have this image in its SVG file form, as a part, in the Parts Bin for use only when laying out the PCB, in the PCB Layout Window.

The corresponding SVG file follows.

Hole Pattern

If this is possible, how can I do this?

It is probably possible, I’m not sure it would be useful. Your svg has no groups (it needs copper1 and copper0) to become a part) and no connectors. To be a part it would need a breadboard and schematic svg along with a .fzp file.

You can however load the svg file in to Fritzing as an imgage like this (although since the svg

isn’t aligned on 0.1in boundaries it isn’t likely to be useful!)

a better explanation of what you are trying to achieve may produce a better suggestion on how to do it.


Peter: I intend to use this as a template part. I would drag it onto the PCB and lock it into position. Then I would drag holes onto the PCB drawing and line the holes up with the template holes.

Once all 5 holes are placed onto the PCB drawing and overlaid atop of the template holes, I would lock them in place, specifying the hole diameter and copper ring thickness.

Then I would remove the template drawing and connect four of the holes to the ground plane and the center hole to the circuitry on the PCB.

At least those are my plans.

Then the suggested method (loading the image in to silkscreen) should work fine. As long as the template is the correct physical size. You can then drag holes in to position and then delete the image.


Thank you. How do I do this? I tried to drag the SVG file image onto the PCB with no success. How do I download the SVG image into silkscreen?

By following the image above. Drag the image icon from the parts bin in to the sketch then select it in the sketch, then in Inspector (the lower right window) select load image file and select your svg and it will load in to silkscreen as illustrated. The image can be moved like any other part.


Peter: I’m sorry to be so dense. Where did this hole pattern figure come from?


How did you get this image from the SVG file?

Once I get this image, how to I place it into the parts bin, and associate it with an image file as shown below:


Once I have the image in the parts bin I should be able to place it onto the PCB drawing.

It is in the svg file you posted

Once you drag the image icon in to the sketch you then need to click the load image file tab and select you svg file. That will load the image in to the sketch like this

The bounding box is so large because you svg is that large, you would need to reduce its size in your svg editor to get it smaller. Then select the image in the sketch, and it will store the image in your mine parts bin. From there you can drag the image in to a sketch later without having to do the load image file.

except Fritzing doesn’t appear to copy the loaded file to the bin, only the template

so I guess you would need to create a custom part to do this. It would need to be pcb only and thus fairly complex to make.



Thank you for all the help and hard work you invested to help me develop this idea into creating this type of part.