PJ301M-12.fzpz - Thonkiconn PJ301M-12

I’m searching a Thonkiconn PJ301M-12 for Fritzing.
It’s a 3.5mm jack.

I think there is a part out there. I found this comment: https://github.com/fritzing/fritzing-app/issues/2751#issuecomment-53409333

But the attachment is not available.

Has someone this part?

Did you compare the datasheet footprint to footprints in the FZ bins. Maybe search jacks in FZ, because it might have a different name.

The referenced part was part of the google code base. That repository (and this part) appear to have been corrupted. There was a request a few months ago for anyone that had a non corrupted copy but I’m not aware of any answer. That said, this isn’t like any of the parts we currently have (but is a relatively minor change from one of the stereo jacks) so try this:

3.5mm switching Jack.fzpz (7.5 KB)

Note as always you need to print out the pcb footprint and check it against a real part before ordering boards. The holes are all 1.5mm (they actually want a slot, but I don’t know how to do it in Frtizing and many board houses don’t support it anyway).


Thank you, this part matches with the jack perfectly!