Ping Finder SEN136B5B

I need to make a Fritzing Diagram for my robot (it is required as well as building the actual robot) plus it does help when I go to install everything.

I have this Ultrasonic Range Finder (made by Seeedstudio) and Arduino seems to have the actual part (via link below) but it is not in the Fritz libraries.

In Fritz there is already an ultrasonic range finder but this has 4 pins and the one I have (SEN135B5B) only has 3 pins. I have searched Github and contacted Seeedstudio also with no luck.

Can anybody please help! Or know where I can find this part?

Thank you

For some reason we only seem to have the four wire version, so I grabbed a copy of that and truncated it to 3 pins (not sure why the color is still blue, Inkscape thinks it is red like the real one …). Edit: @lanzooo48 color is wrong because of the style command, corrected that so the board is red as the seeed one is and reloaded so if you have downloaded the old one you want to redownload the latest one.

sen136b5b.fzpz (12.8 KB)