Pin spacing for generic IC

Hi I’m new to Fritzing. I want to add an IC to my design – it’s a 30 pin ESP32 development board which has a pin spacing of 1". But the generic IC part doesn’t go that wide (which makes some sense as it’s actually too big to use on a regular breadboard!). The available ESP32 dev board parts online (eg. Adafruit) have a narrower spacing.

The main reason for wanting to place an IC is to be able to edit the pin labels, and to get the correct spacing automatically on the PCB layout. I’ve had a quick go editing in the parts editor but it didn’t work. I could add generic female pin header but then I can’t edit the labels.

Any suggestions how to achieve this?

Thanks, Alfie.

You could use the Mystery part in core set to single row like you would with headers but the mystery part has editable labels.

You could also use the mystery part set up as dual row with all the labels set and the width set to 0.9". Then once you have all the pins set and are satisfied with it other than the pin spacing being only 0.9" export the part and upload it here and someone may be able to quickly move the pads in the PCB SVG to be 1.0". You could also try if you are familiar with SVG editing or want to learn.

Hi thanks for the reply, the first option seems workable if all else fails!

I am familiar with SVG and shifted one of the pins as a little test. It shows in the breadboard view but has not affected the PCB view. Any ideas?


You could do it a few ways.

Way 1.
Open the finshed part with the parts editor (right click on the part on the pcb and select EDIT). Then go to the PCB view. Go to the file menu and select export as SVG. Open the exported part in something like Inkscape. Set the units to inches or mm. Select the paths you want to move (you may have to select them in the XML editor as they are in groups) and move them over 0.1" or 2.54mm. Then save as a plain SVG. Go back into the parts editor and once again go into the PCB view and the file menu and click select image for view. That should change the image and all the pins should still be set. If the pins are not set you would have to select them in the list and and then click on the corresponding pad.

Sorry for the wall of text.

First search in the forums for esp32 (especially lolin). I converted a standard .9 spacing part to either 1 or 1.1 inches for someone in the past. Don’t remember how many pins it had though. There are a number of these parts in the forums that are not in core parts (at least yet).


Many thanks for the pointers - will give it a go.