Pin Outs on Wemos ESP8266 ESP-12F D1 Mini Fritzing Circuit Model

I am working on a sketch that uses a Wemos ESP8266 ESP-12F D1 Mini microprocessor. The pin outs on the microprocessor that I am using are mirror imaged LHS → RHS and RHS → LHS on the microprocessor stored in my the parts bin:


Is there a circuit model which has the TX and RX pins on the microprocessor LHS upper corner and the RST and A0 pins on the microprocessor RHS upper corner?

There does not appear to be such a part around. It is easy enough to make one if you have a pointer to the web site that sells such a board (the original Wemos part appears to match the Fritizng part so this must be a variant of some kind.) The only example I see in a google search is this one (where the male pins are mounted on the bottom of the board in one of the sets of images):

is this what your board looks like?



Peter: Thanks for getting back with me.

Yes. My board looks like this and I do not want to unsolder the headers and swap them left to right, soldering them to the underside of my board to agree with the model in my parts bin.

I am too big a klutz with a soldering iron to do this operation and still have a working microprocessor when finished. I was hoping that there was a model with the pin orientation I need on the net or somewhere.

This should do what you want. Basically this is looking at the board from the bottom so the pins are all swapped left to right.

WeMos-D1-Mini-reversed-pins.fzpz (18.4 KB)


This part worked just fine. Thank you Peter.