Pico Breadboard Part

I am new to Fritzing but don’t see a way to create a part how I was hoping. I have an image of a breadboard that is made that has labels for RPI Pico. I was hoping to be able to duplicate an existing half breadboard and change image to this. Doesn’t work that way? Or am I missing something?

Appreciate any direction and insight here.


It isn’t as easy as it looks (especially with breadboards.) Your are better to let me make one since it is basically trivial for me.


Works for me! Thanks!

This part should do what you want.

Half_breadboard±pico.fzpz (20.5 KB)


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Perfect! Thank you! This is what I was looking for!

That’s fantastic - @vanepp It’s Simon from MonkMakes here. Do you mind if I link to this part from the product page for our Pico Breadboard. Do you have a direct link, or do you mind if we host it?

Either liking to the post or hosting it yourselves is fine by me. I don’t mind you using it, it helps Fritzing attract new users. If you want to host it, just download the .fzpz file and host that.


Many thanks Peter. I’ve added it as a link to the product page. micro:bit - electronic kits | MonkMakes BTW - many moons ago, I wrote the book ‘Fritzing for Inventors’ and I can confirm that creating parts is non-trivial.

I started learning parts making from your book :slight_smile: along with a lot of help from folks that used to be in the forum (most of whom have fallen away now.)


That’s great - I’m glad the book helped.