Pick and place file

I have used the pnp file from the gerbers but it seems always wrong when i adapt it for pick and place at JLC PCB.

Anybody has the same issue or knows soms tips?


While I haven’t tried it, the Fritzing pick and trace file lacks center of gravity settings (as they aren’t in the parts in Fritzing.) which may be causing problems. I believe other folks have had success by editing the Fritzing pick and place file manually (but I don’t have details, hopefully someone who has done so will comment!) This has come up before, so a search for pick and place in the forum search bar would also be a good bet to see previous discussion although I don’t remember detailed instructions anywhere.


No succes in my quest on the forum. I think it will not be possible with a fritzing project.

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In my experience, you can use the PNP file for JLCPCB assembly, but there is a big BUT:

  • JLCPCB asks for Excel files, you need to convert the file to Excel format
  • JLCPCB demands exact column titles
  • The Y coördinates need to be negated
  • The PNP file contains vias, labels and even images, those need to be removed
  • For many parts, Fritzing generates a different rotation than what matches JLCPCB’s idea of the part, you need to correct the rotation by hand.

I have not experienced problems with centre of gravity; after Y coördinate negation, the parts do show up on the right place on the PCB.

For me it is usable, but the amount of hand work required is still a bit of a bummer.