Perfboard resizing how to do

may be a stupid newbie question. Don’t know how to resize the generic perfboard e.g. change no of rows, no of colums. Inspector shows editable 30 x 20 however changing those values has no effect in breadboar view.


You need to click the “set board size” button (actually bar) just under the col/row settings for the change to occur (with the perfboard in breadboard selected). The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask :slight_smile:


vanepp thank-you!
Problem was/is I’m using the german fritzing setup. While in the english one it is correct called “set board size” in the german one it is just called “Leiterplattengröße” (board size) the “set” is missing For dummies like me that makes a difference. May be one can add the word “setzen” (set) in a future german version.

Thanks for explanation

btw: in many programs I’m aware of setting/changing a value require just to hit “return”. Thats what I’ve tried :frowning:

Are there some minimum sizes? E.g. if I choose 2 x 2 and press resize, it does not resize nor does it give any error message.

Must be because mine is the same. 2 rows x 2 rows seams not very useful, so maybe it’s like that. 5 x 5 is the smallest I can go.