PCB With Grid For Visual Ref

A previous post got me thinking about a Grid on the PCB…

It’s useful (for me) to sometimes tweak the Grid in PCB view so as to better manipulate parts for alignment but, most often I leave the Grid turned off so I can force-fit parts and traces where I want them and use command-keys for Horiz/Vert alignment.

Adding to that, it’s very difficult to see the Grid on a PCB - perhaps it’s simply my computer display/contrast. But, I like the machine as-is.

Thus, I made a PCB (call it a ‘Part’, if you want) with a Grid on the Silkscreen so, can hide it.
Grid spacing is 2.54mm (0.1 inch).

Image’s show alignment with parts/pitch and 90mmX60mm board.

The white boarder is for my ‘tooling’ keep-out area (where I use hold-downs or frame to lock PCB from moving when I CNC/Mill it…

Board file (Be Sure to delete the .fzz extension, added for posting the file)
PCB_90x60_wGrid_R0 copy.svg.fzz (11.8 KB)

Nope, its bad everywhere. Making it more visible is on my list if we manage to get development going again (along with making rat nest lines more visible).