PCB to 3D Printed Cases

I’ve been working on a project that encompasses the following parts,

  • PaPiRus 2" screen, RPi Zero v1.3, Adafruit Powerbooster 1000c and a 1200 mAh battery.

I is a bit of a thick bundle and I’m looking for a case to hold all of the components.

I was hoping that this knowledgeable group of people here might be able to steer me in the correct direction.

The question is, how can I/do I go from the physical being to a 3D (.stl) files to print out a case. I realize I probably need some software. I do have OpenSCAD installed, but I don’t have a 3D scanner to use.

Is there a way to import the dimensions of the boards into a software program to try and build something?

Any questions welcomed.




I use freecad to do all my work. I’d just draw it to meet your needs/specs. From there you should be able to either 3D print OR CNC machine your part which is usually what I prefer to do.

Nevertheless, with freecad your imagination is the only limit. IF you are worried about using a parametric program. Don’t be timid, there are several good tutorials on youtube. You can get to where you need to be in no time flat.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give Freecad a go. I have seen Freecad before.

Good luck! Hope it all comes out for you.