Pcb shape in Inkscape not the same size in Fritz

Hi Guys,
Been a long time since I’ve been here. I’m having a problem. I have created a pcb with 4 cutouts in Inkscape. Saved as a plain *.svg. When imported into Fritzing, it’s not the same size. It’s close but off a bit on my cutouts. I’m using an older version of Fritzing because I have a 32 bit platform. Is there anything I can do to remedy it? If I move over to a 64 bit computer and import, would that fix the size issue? Trying to resize the board in Fritzing won’t work because I need the cutouts an exact size. Thank you for the help.

Your best bet is to upload the svg of the board outline (upload is the 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) along with the expected dimensions of the board. One possibility is that the svg is dimensioned in px which can cause scaling issues in Fritzing if it guesses the px conversion wrong. Another is an error in the path in the svg (which needs to be a single differenced path.) With the svg I should be able to try it on the current version (and on 0.9.3.b which is likely what you are using) to see if it works.