PCB missing, Raspberry 3


I built a project in Fritzing, but I keep having this message when I try to check the routes : “Your sketch does not have a board yet! Please add a PCB in order to use the autorouter.” I used a shield model from the official website for Raspberry 3.

Thanks !

Can you please provide a link to your saved file for review?

Here is a a link:

Model used : http://fritzing.org/projects/raspberry-pi-3

Thanks !

sketch.fzz (99.7 KB)

Try this :smiley: I had to hack a few things for you. But whoever made that part, missed a few steps. Nevertheless that should work. If not, at least this should give you a better idea as to how things work. The original file was missing a board layer…

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Waoh this is incredibly helpful ! Many thanks !

Just for me to understand for the next time, is it complicated what you’ve done ? How, for example, can I change the size of the PCB ?

I just pulled the adjustable PCB from the core parts bin and placed it under your work. No thing really. Outside of that you’d be looking at making a custom board shape.

Good luck! Have fun :slight_smile:

Hello !

Me again ! I was about to send the gerber file to a manufacturer, but I noticed the PCB includes two layers, one single layer would largely meet my needs. Is it possible to “delete” the second layer ?

Sorry to ask for help, I can’t find anything on the internet nor the frizzing website…

Thanks !