PCB layers / pin numbers

Hi Bantum,

  • Top & bottom layers we have! You can fully layout them, not sure what you’re missing here?

  • Editing number of connectors: can you be a bit more specific, or provide a screenshot?

Btw, I also moved this post to the “wishlist” category. Alternatively, if it’s a more detailed and concrete improvement suggestion, the github issue tracker would also be a good place.

Hi Andre,

Like the program very much and can see the potential & intent, however it just lacks a few things to make it complete … :sunglasses:

Here are a couple of suggestions ( Am aware that you may be working on these already ) :

  • Top & Bottom layers for the PCB. ( Not sure what you’re planning here )
  • Editing the number of connectors in parts editor, as you can’t easily add or delete the id reference number.

Might see what else I come across & add them here … :wink:

Thanks, Bantum …

Thanks Andre, Sorry the ‘error’ was is in Parts Editor again …

When loading a .svg file into parts editor for PCB view, with new parts that I’ve drawn up, it doesn’t recognise them correctly - the error message returns :

It only accepts one layer & there are errors with copper layers top & bottom not linking + I get the dreaded ‘Red Square’ in centre. I’m using version 0.9.2b.32.pc . I haven’t used previous versions, so don’t know if that helps …

As to the number of connectors in the ‘view’ tab, the actual number of connectors can be stated, but when it comes to larger numbers ( like 200-300 ) it can be difficult to move / edit / delete the id: number ( especially if you get them in wrong order or try to edit / delete one in the middle of the stack )

I hope that clarifies the situation – I might try & get some screen shots later if that helps … :wink:

Cheers, Bantum …


When making parts you need to properly name the copper0 and copper1 grouping, also grouping order is important. I suggest you open a known working .SVG file for another included fritzing part. Look @ the grouping on that said part. Then replicate that naming process within your part.

This will happen if fritzing sees and .svg file it doesn’t recognize as useful.

Good luck!

Yes Landracer,

I am aware of the correct naming procedure & followed the directions listed on the site ( link to go here later ), I may however have stuffed up on the grouping order though … :frowning:

Can anyone confirm which order they are supposed to be in ?

  • ( P.S. - I’m using Illustrator & .svg files )*

Might do some examples here :

As you can see there are a lot of pin holes, and is bit of a nightmare trying to get them all to work.

& for those interested, here is the .svg file ; ( Doh … can’t load a .svg on here … ? )

I noted that at times when importing files, some elements were hidden & can’t be seen in Illustrator but layers are there, wondering if that has something to do with errors appearing in fritzing …

Hoping to get it working so I can move on to the next project … :flushed:

Cheers, Bantum …