PCB cutouts help

Good day all .

I have read some of the threads on cutouts on pcb’s using inkscape and fritzing but am having troubles getting it to work right.

What I am trying to do is create a pcb shaped like the number 8 . Is there a clear method to do this or an example I have missed ?

I think it is very close but for some reason its not perfectly lining up the cut lines .

All help /advise welcome .

If you post the svg itself, instead of a screenshot, I can probably fix it. Either in Inkscape, or manually (svg is an xml format, which is text, which can be modified in a text editor). In SVG, the ‘trick’ is that the sub paths for the cutouts need to go the opposite direction from the outer path. Merging paths using the Difference command in Inkscape usually gets it right.

Thank you for the quick reply and explanation . I reversed the sub paths and all is right now .
I should have thought to look at the svg in an editor . Being new to Fritzing I was a bit overwhelmed with the wealth of information here .