PCB Connector with no Schematic or Breadboard View

What is the best way to create extra pads on a PCB that do not show up in the schematic or breadboard view. I just need an extra power and ground connection to go to another PCB for a 3PDT footswitch. I see you can add a pad, but I want it to be a hole. Should I just use a Via with a 1mm hole and .5 ring thickness?


Use the hole icon in the pcb section of core parts. You need to set a ring thickness. This one is set for a 0.1in header (0.038in hole 0.02 ring thickness)


Can you make that connectable? I need to be able to set it for ground fill or connect a trace to it.

I don’t think so, but I have never tried. I suspect you would need a custom part to make it accessible to ground fill.


Use a via instead. You can connect to that. As for the hole, set the correct hole diameter and ring thickness. Once connected to something in the ground net, ground fill should work.

I will give that a try, thanks!